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The Profit Generating Marketing System about putting together a method that allows you to follow-up with current customers and future prospects!

Marketing expert Dan S. Kennedy, "Regard Customer Retention as a Profit Center... A common failing of businesses small and large is focusing all their resources on getting more new customers but investing little or nothing in retaining customers... A dedicated customer retention and appreciate program, including frequent contact and communication - a newsletter, greeting cards, useful information..."

It is essential that you capture your website visitor's name and email address because that is the only way to ensure that you will have the opportunity to follow-up with them.

If business is about building relationships, and if people like to do business with those they know, love and trust then why don't more of your former customers and clients use your services more often? And why are they not sending you more referral business?

Plus, the benefits you will reap with a consistent follow-up system are easy to implement and easy to track.

Lead Capture & Follow-Up... Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing states, "Most entrepreneurs have not created a system for following up with their prospects and customers. This is a huge mistake for the following two reasons:

1) It can take up to 29 reminders before an interest prospect turns into a customer.

2) Customers who are "ignored" after a sale will take their business elsewhere."

For many years, direct mail has been one of the most utilized marketing tool for consistent follow up. Nowadays permission based, automated email systems are quickly replacing direct postal mail.

Newsletter Campaigns... Some business owners are reluctant to email newsletters because they are unsure about what to say. The key to remember is that it is more important to say ANYTHING that your list of subscribers will find valuable than to say NOTHING at all.

One of the main purposes of your emails is to stay in touch with your prospects and clients so they remember who you are. Even if they do not need your product or services (at this moment), they may know someone who does.

Like your website and other marketing materials, your emails should be less about you personally and more about the benefits you provide your prospects and clients.

Now is the time to implement a follow-up system before your local competition beats you to it!
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